How to clean your computer from dust

Probably all of us want to see a computer (yes any other technique) worked long and without a glitch. But to put it on the table or in any corner – and work. And not much he hummed. But always in the ambient air contains dust. The computer contains components which strongly enough heat and which need to be cooled forcibly. Hardest cool is (it may consume more power 100 W) and power supply. Cooling is provided by a metal heat sinks and fans. The computer contains at least two fans – on the processor heat sink and power supply. If you installed the graphics card performance, it can also have a fan.

Where does the dust come from?

Fans on the CPU and GPU blown radiators, removing them from the heat inside the case. The fan cools the power supply not only their active elements, but the “blowing” heat (of course together with air) from outside the housing.

The influx of the surrounding, cooler, air is carried out through the slit of the housing. Sometimes, on the rear wall of the housing mounted one or two additional exhaust fan. Thus, outdoor air (with dust) extends continuously through a computer system.

dust in the fan resulting dust gradually accumulates within a “secret places” – in the crevices of the radiators, fans, power supply. The more it accumulates dust, so much the worse cooled basking components. Sometimes it happens that the fan is clogged with dust so that it ceases to rotate at all.

If this happens in the supply unit, it crashes due to overheating. In severe cases, can burn the video card or processor. Therefore, you should periodically remove the dust from the system unit.

How to clean your computer: cleaning and laying of cables

How to clean your computer? Start with a shot of peripheral devices. With the help of air from the spray Blow space dust. In order not to rotate the fan blade during cleaning it is enough to insert the blade into the pencil or pen. Start cleaning the inside with better RAM slots. Direct the jet of air from the cylinder to the slot – blow it out as follows; We treat all slots.

Next blow cooler CPU and power supply to clean the fan blades can be used cloth or clean brush from cosmetic mascara. It is necessary to clean all the fans, as well as ports and components. When this stage is finished, pay attention to the lower part of the body – blow it, in extreme cases, wipe it with a slightly damp (not wet) cloth.

Inside many self-assembled computers often reigns chaos due to misfolded cables. Correct placement will provide freer movement of air masses inside the body, as well as to avoid unwanted contact between the fan cables. To avoid errors, pre-paint on the cable connections, then start them off. You will need collars, their length should be sufficient to embrace all of the cable. Next, perform the following:

– Compact group the one or more cables;
– Wrap-around collar;
– Tip push through the clip;
– Fasten tightly, pulling the end, then cut it.
Repeat this process as many times, and then connect the cable to the appropriate connector – use harvested scheme. Then return to the place of the removed all peripherals – modules of RAM, video card, etc.

After cleaning overheating problems remain in the past. To maintain the performance of the machine at the proper level, do not forget to repeat this procedure. If for you it seems too difficult, the Center computer support specialists are always ready to help you.